by Connor Lau September 15, 2018

Fierce. Heart. Independence.

3 words that focused our maturity and our development of the fall collection. It's been one year since Animus Vici opened its doors and we've waded far into the fight. We stand strongly by our mission to end childhood cancer, and to continue doing that we asked ourselves, what do we need to advance our cause? 

To be a fierce competitor.

To have heart and have a heart.

To be independent of mainstream culture.

We've adapted to all of these things.

We wanted to become a fiercer competitor and give our customers more, while staying true to our mission. We did this by significantly increasing our selection of clothing items, but selecting them only from responsible suppliers that provided fashionable quality choices. In addition, we have also added a kids line that will continue to grow, as we look to inspire kids to grow up and be fierce spiritwarriors.

We wanted to have heart and have a heart. We want to have staying power and inspire others. We have decided to do this by focusing on women and girls with cancer in particular. We wanted the girls to have heroes that they could look up to, strong, fierce independent female heroes. That is why we are announcing today the upcoming release of our Female Heroes line. Each female hero will have an accompanying story that will be released on our blog. We will be finalizing donating these shirts to St. Jude's, as well as other children's cancer treatment wards. This way the girls and boys can have fun t-shirts to wear as well as heroes to aspire to be!  

We wanted to be independent of mainstream culture. We're not perfect, no one is an island, but to solve a problem as extraordinary as childhood cancer, we have to start thinking outside the box. We threw out a lot of our safe designed shirts in favor of more experimental art as well as bolder color schemes so that we can stand out. We want to stand out and stand up for the kids that are not strong enough to stand for themselves right now. We hope that you will take a stand with us and join our spiritwarrior community.

Thank you and Cheers!

Connor Jude

Animus Vici's Spiritwarrior CEO

Connor Lau
Connor Lau

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