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Let me start off by welcoming you to our website, Animus Vici, and extend my sincerest hopes that you not only find something that you like here, but also greatly enjoy. 

My name is Connor Lau or to the web Connor Jude. I am the founder of Animus Vici, which I started back in July of 2017 as a way for me to positively make change in the world. I didn't have access to much, but I was very determined to find a way for a broke post-college grad to try and make the world a better place. Then it hit me, I could try and sell t-shirts and give the money to St. Jude's to end childhood cancer. There was a problem and I could fix it by funding their research. Maybe one day, Animus could even be their largest contributor. Seemed simple enough right?

So I set off building things that I did not know how to build. Such as a website, and a corporation, and t-shirts. After each accomplishment, I began to realize that if you just try and do something you're already a good ways of the way to your end goal. This journey has proven to be the most challenging and rewarding of all journey's that I have ever embarked on. It has meant countless hours after finishing my day job coming back and working on this site to make it perfect for you, so that a kid with cancer can get the money she or he needs to not have to worry about paying for their treatment, and I am happy to do it. We need people to be after the good in this world, seeking it, so that others may live. I hope that you find that Animus Vici delivers even some small piece of that good. 

And if you're wondering what Animus Vici means, it is Latin for soul wins, or very literally soul conquers, because like how cancer can never touch our souls and therefore soul wins in the end, Animus too will win in the end at helping cure childhood cancer. 


Connor Jude

Animus Vici's Spiritwarrior CEO


For more behind the scenes information on Animus Vici, as well as Connor Jude's other entrepreneurial projects, you can follow him @connorjxde on Instagram. 

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Connor Lau
Connor Lau

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