by Connor Lau June 05, 2019

Happy Animus Day to All! 

In honor of Animus Day on June 6th, we will be hosting a store wide sale!

(we ship worldwide, are sweatshop free, and donate 50% of profits to ending childhood cancer)

The sales will be available for 24 hours only! :

Our BOGO sales:

Buy 1 stickers get any 1 free of your choice

Buy 2 shirts get the 3rd one free

Buy 1 Hoodie get 1 free

Buy 1 Hat get the other hat 50% off

(Discounts are applied automatically, no code required!)

Our Discounts:

USE THE CODE "ANIMUS" at checkout!

25% of all shirts

25% of all shoes, dresses and bags


All Buyers will get a free sticker, wristband and personal letter from CEO and Founder Connor Jude

Thank you so much for taking part in our first ever Animus Day!!

(PS we also have 10 easter eggs hidden throughout the site, whoever finds them all first gets a special prize. Hint: the first one is on the home page. 9 to go!)


*each discount or sale is applicable to only one purchase, and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Connor Lau
Connor Lau

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